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Wed Vespers 7PM

Thu  Liturgy 	time varies

Sat  Confession 4PM ; Vigil 5 PM

Sun Hours&Liturgy 9:40 AM, followed by a community meal open to all	St.
Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church: McKinney, Texas   


January 2009

	Pastor: Fr. Seraphim Holland 

Rectory: (972) 529-2754      

Mobile: (972) 658-5433


708 S. Chestnut McKinney, Texas 75071

Mailing Address: 

PO Box 37, McKinney, TX 75070

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Holy Nativity Troparion - Tone 4

Thy Nativity, O Christ our God,/hast shown upon the world the light of
knowledge./For, thereby they that worshipped the stars/were taught by a
star,/to worship Thee, the Son of Righteousness,/and to know Thee, the
Day-spring from on high. // O Lord, glory be to Thee!	Holy Theophany
Troparion - Tone 1

When Thou wast baptized in the Jordan, O Lord, /The worship of the
Trinity wast made manifest,/for the voice of the Father bear witness to
Thee/Calling Thee his beloved Son. /And the Spirit, in the form of a
dove, confirmed the certainty of the word. /O christ our God, Who hast
appeared and hast enlightened the world, // glory be to Thee!	Dec 19/Jan
1 29WAP Wine&Oil

Holy Martyr Boniface (+ 290)

Heb 7:1-6; Lk 21:28-33

8 AM v Liturgy Rdr:Natalia H

	Dec 20/Jan 2 Wine&Oil

HM Ignatius the God-bearer 

Heb 7:18-25; Lk 21:37-22:8

	Dec 21/Jan 3  Wine&Oil

Saturday before Nativity

Martyr Juliana of Nicomodia 

Eph 2:11-13; Lk 13:18-29; 

Sat before Nat:Gal 3:8-12; Lk 13:18-29

4 PM Confession

5 PM Vigil 

Dec 22/Jan 4 T4 MG7 29SAP Wine&Oil 

Sunday of the Holy Fathers 

GM Anastasia deliverer from bonds

Ves: Gen 14:14-20; Deut 1:8-11, 15-17; Deut 10:14-21; Lit:Heb
11:9-10,17-23,32-40; Mt 1:1-25

10AM Liturgy, then public meal	

	Dec 23/Jan 5 30WAP 


10 MM of Crete 

St. Nahum, Enlightener of Bulgaria

Heb 8:7-13; Mk 8:11-21; For Tue:Heb 9:8-10,15-23; Mk 8:22-26

	Dec 24/Jan 6        Wine&Oil    

Eve of Nativity

Hours, Ves, see typikon; Lit:Heb 1:1-12; Lk 2:1-20

8AM  Royal Hours, Typica , Vesperal Divine Liturgy of St Basil

7 PM  Vigil for Nativity

	Dec 25/Jan 7       NO FAST

Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ

Gal 4:4-7 Mt 2:1-12

10 AM Liturgy, festal dinner

7 PM Vespers	Dec 26/Jan 8           

Synaxis of the Theotokos 

Heb 10:35-11:7 Mk 9:10-16

6 AM v Liturgy Rdr:Nicholas

	Dec 27/Jan 9      NO FAST

Protomartyr & Archdeacon Stephen St. Theodore the Branded

Heb 11:8,11-16 Mk 9:33-41

	Dec 28/Jan  10       

Saturday after Nativity

20,000 MM of Nicomedia

Eph 5:1-8; Lk 14:1-11

Sat after Nat:I Tim 6:11-16; Mt 12:15-21 

4 PM Confession

5 PM Vigil

Dec 29/Jan 11 T5 MG8 30SAP

Sunday after Nativity; Joseph the Betrothed, David the King, James the
Lord-s brother, Holy Innocents 

Gal 1:11-19 & Col 3:12-16; 

Mt 2:13-23 & Lk 18:18-27

10AM Liturgy, then public meal	Dec 30/Jan  12   31WAP         

VM Anysia of Thessalonica

St. Melania the Younger of Rome

Heb 11:17-31 Mk 9:42-10:1

	Dec 31/Jan 13

Apodosis of Nativity 

Nun Melania, St. Theophylact of Ochrid

Heb 12:25-26,13:22-25 Mk 10:2-12

	Jan 1/14              NO FAST

Circumcision of Christ/St. Basil the Great

Ves:Gen 17:1-7,9-12, 14; Prov 8:22-30; Prov 10:31-11:12; MAT:Jn 10:1-9 

Liturgy:Col 2:8-12; Luk 2:20-21,40-52; Jam 1:1-18; Mk 10:11-16 

7 PM Vespers

	Jan 2/15                     

St. Seraphim of Sarov, St. Sylvester, Pope of Rome, R Juliana of

Lit:Jas 1:19-27 Mk 10:17-27; For Fri:Jam 2:1-13; Mk 10:23-32 St
Seraphim: Ves:see typikon,; Lit:Gal 5:22-6:2 Luk 6:17-23

9 AM Liturgy, Rdr:Jelena

	Jan 3/16              NO FAST

Pr Malachi; M Gordius 

St. Genevieve of Paris

See Typikon for readings

Royal Hours and Typica for Theophany. No Liturgy.

	Jan 4/17                

Synaxis of the 70 Apostles

Col 1:3-6; Lk 16:10-15

Sat before Theophany: 1Tim 3:14-4:5;  Mat 3:1-11

4 PM Confession

5 PM Vigil

Jan 5/18     T6  MG9     31SAP Wine&Oil

Eve of Theophany 

Lit:1Co 9:19-27,Lk 3:1-18; Sun Before Theophany: 2Ti 4:5-8; Mk 1:1-8

10AM Liturgy,then public meal.

Afternoon:Vespers with blessing of the waters

7 PM Vigil for Theophany

	Jan 6/19  32WAP               


of Our Lord Jesus Christ

Mat: Mk 1:9-11; Lit:Titus 2:11-14; 3:4-7 Mt 3:13-17 

9AM Liturgy, Blessing of the Waters	Jan 7/20

Synaxis of St. John the Baptist

Jas 3:1-10 Mk 11:11-23; Baptist: Act 19:108 Joh 1:29-34

	Jan 8/21                  FAST

St. George the Chozebite 

Jas 3:11-4:6 Mk 11:23-26

7 PM Vespers	Jan 9/22       

HM Philip, Met. of All Russia 

Jas 4:7-5:9 Mk 11:27-33

9 AM Liturgy, Rdr:Raisa

	Jan 10/23          FAST

St. Gregory of Nyssa, St. Theophan the Recluse

I Pet 1:1-12,2:6-10 Mk 12:1-12; St gregory: 1Co 12:7-11 Mat 10:1,5-8

	Jan 11/24      

St. Theodosios the Great

Ves,Mat: see typikon; Lit: 1Th 5.14-23; Lk 17.3-10 Sat after Theophany:
Eph 6:10-17; Mat 4:1-11

4 PM Confession

5 PM Vigil

Jan 12/25  T7  MG10 32SAP

Sunday after Theophany

St. Savva I, abp of Serbia

M Tatiana of Rome

Eph 4:7-13 & 1 Tim 4:9-15 

Mt 4:12-17 & Lk 19:1-10

10AM Liturgy, then public meal	Jan 13/26  33WAP  

MM Hermylus & Stratonicus

Holy Fathers slain at Sinai & Raithu 

1 Pet 2:21-3:9; Mk 12:13-17	Jan 14/27

Apodosis of Theophany, St. Nina, Enlightener of Georgia, St Sava I of

1Pt 3.10-22; Mk 12.18-27; St Sava Vesp,Mat,Lit see typikon

	Jan 15/28                 FAST

St. Paul of Thebes, St. John the Hutdweller

1Pt 4.1-11; Mk 12.28-37

7 PM Vespers	Jan 16/29      

Veneration of the Chains of St. Peter

1Pt 4.12-5.5; Mk 12.38-44 Peter:Act 12:1-11 Joh 21:15-25

9 AM Liturgy

	Jan 17/30     Wine&Oil

St. Anthony the Great 

Ves,Mat:see typikon Lit:2Pt 1.1-10; Mk 13.1-8 Anthony:Heb 13:17-21 Luk

	Jan 18/31     

St. Athanasios the Grea & St. Cyril, Abps. Of Alexandria

2Tim 2.11-19; Lk 18.2-8 Sts:Heb 13:7-16 Mat 5:14-19

4 PM Confession

5 PM Vigil

ALL SERVICES: at our old location (3617 Abrams) until our new temple is
built in McKinney (ready before Pascha, 2009)   HYPERLINK "See Our
Building Fund page:" 
See Our Building Fund page:   for information on
progress and to donate to our project. We  are trying to raise $20,000
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