Regular Schedule 

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Wed Vespers 7PM

Thu  Liturgy: 	time varies  ; ?Moleben on the Land¦ 7PM

Sat  Confession 4PM ; Vigil 5PM

Sun Hours&Liturgy 9:40AM, followed by a community meal open to all,	St.
Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church: McKinney, Texas   


July 2009


Fr. Seraphim Holland 

Rectory: (972) 529-2754      

Mobile: (972) 658-5433


3617 Abrams, Dallas Texas, 75214

Mailing Address: 

PO Box 37 McKinney, TX 75070

Sunday	Monday	Tuesday	Wednesday	Thursday	Friday	Saturday

We have our building permit, after many months of working with the city.
We plan for the new temple in McKinney to be finished in October. 
Troparion of the Forerunner    Tone 4

O Prophet and Forerunner of the coming of Christ,/ we honour thee
lovingly but cannot extol thee worthily;/ for by thy birth/ thy mother's
barrenness and thy father's dumbness were unloosed;/ and the Incarnation
of the Son of God is proclaimed to the world.

	June 18/July 1 Wine&Oil

 MM Leontius and Comp.

Rom 11:2-12; Mt 11:20-26

No Service: Priest seraphim at camp	June 19/July 2 Wine&Oil

Ap Jude the Brother of the Lord 

Rom 11:13-24; Mt 11:27-30

Priest seraphim at camp	 June 20/July 3 Wine&Oil

HM Methodius, bp of Patara

Rom 11:25-36; Mt 12:1-8

7 PM Vigil for St John, Patronal feast of the Brotherhood	June 21/July 4

St John of San Francisco

Martyr Julian of Tarsus

Rom 6:11-17; Mt 8:14-23

9AM Liturgy

10:45 FISH-B-Que

NOTE - TODAY is a FAST DAY. Grill fish & vegetables and give thanks to

Jun 22/Jul 5 T3 MG4 4SAP


St. John, abp of Shanghai & San Francisco

HM Eusebius, bp. Samosota 

Rom 6:18-23; Mt 8:5-13

10AM Liturgy, then public meal

	June 23/July 6

Vladimir Icon of the Theotokos

M Agrippina of Rome

Rom 12:4-5, 15-21; Mt 12:9-13; For Tuesday:; Rom 14:9-18; Mt 12:14-16,

	June 24/July 7 FISH,Wine&Oil

Nativity of St. John the Baptist

Vesp:Gen 17:15-17,19,18:11-14,21:1-8; Judg 13:2-8,13-14,17-18,21; Isa
40:1-3,9,41:17-18,45:8,48:20-21,54:1; Mat:Lk 1:24-25, 57-68,76,80;
Lit:Rom 13:11-14:4; Lk 1:5-25,57-68,76,80	June 25/July 8 Wine&Oil

Afterfeast of the Nativity of St. John

VM Febronia of Nisibis

Rom 15:7-16; Mt 12:38-45

7 PM Vespers

	June 26/July 9 FAST

St. David of Thessalonica 

Tikhvin Icon of the Theotokos 

Rom 15:17-29; Mt 12:46-13:3

9 AM Children-s liturgy (moved from the 1st week b/c of camp)

7 PM Moleben at the cross.

	June 27/July 10 Wine&Oil

St. Sampson the Hospitable 

Rom 16:1-16; Mt 13:4-9

	June 28/July 11 Wine&Oil

Trans. of Relics of Cyrus & John 

SS Sergius and Herman of Valaam 

Rom 8:14-21; Mt 9:9-13

4 PM Confession

5 PM Vigil

June 29/July 12 T4 MG5 5SAP

Holy Apostles Peter and Paul

Vesp:1 Peter 1:3-9; 1 Peter 1:13-19; 1 Peter 2:11-24; Lit:2Co
11:21-12:9; Mt 16:13-19 5SAP: Lit:Rom 10:1-10; Mt 8:28-9:1

10AM Liturgy, then public meal

	June 30/July 13         

Synaxis of the 12 Apostles 

Rom 16:17-24; Mt 13:10-23

	July 1/14     

MM Cosmas & Damian

St. Nicodemus of the Holy Mt.

1Co 1:1-9; Mt 13:24-30	July 2/15  FAST

Deposition of Theotokos- Robe 

St. Juvenal, Pat. of Jerusalem 

1Co 2:9-3:8; Mt 13:31-36

7 PM Vespers

	July 3/16   

M Hyacinth of Caesarea

1Co 3:18-23; Mt 13:36-43

9 AM Liturgy

7 PM Moleben at the cross.

	July 4/17 

Holy Royal MM of Russia, St. Andrew of Crete 

1Co 4:5-8; Mt 13:44-54

	July 5/18       

NMM Elizabeth & Barbara & Comp.

Uncov. rel. St. Sergius of Radonezh

St Athanasius of Athos

Rom 9:1-5; Mt 9:18-26

4 PM Confession

5 PM Vigil

July 6/19 T5 MG6 6SAP

St. Sisoes the Great, VM Lucy 

Rom 12:6-14; Mt 9:1-8

10AM Liturgy, then public meal

	July 7/20                                 

St. Thomas of Mt. Maleon

 St. Acacius of Mt. Sinai

1Co 5:9-6:11; Mt 13:54-58

	July 8/21     

Kazan Icon, GM Procopius

1Co 6:20-7:12; Mt 14:1-13

	July 9/22  FAST

HM Pancratius, bp. of Taormina

1Co 7:12-24; Mt 14:35-15:11

7 PM Vespers

	July 10/23  

45 MM at Nicopolis in Armenia 

St. Anthony of the Kiev Caves 

1Co 7:24-35; Mt 15:12-21

9 AM Liturgy Reader:Natalia H. 

7 PM Moleben at the cross	July 11/24 

GM Euphemia the All-praised 

St. Olga, Princess of Russia

1Co 7:35-8:7; Mt 15:29-31

	 July 12/25   FAST

Icon ?Of the Three Hands¦

MM Proclus and Hilarius 

Rom 12:1-3; Mt 10:37-11:1

4 PM Confession

5 PM Vigil

July 13/26 T6 MG7 7SAP


Synaxis of Archangel Gabriel

Lit:Rom 15:1-7; Mt 9:27-35; Fathers: Vesp:Gen 14:14-20; Deut
1:8-11,15-17; Deut 10:14-21

10AM Liturgy, then public meal

	July 14/ 27                  

Ap Aquila of the 70 and St. Priscilla 

1Co 9:13-18; Mt 16:1-6

	July 15/28     

Equal-to-the-Apostles Great Prince Vladimir, MM Cyricus and Julitta 

1Co 10:5-12; Mt 16:6-12	July 16/29  FAST        

HM Athenogenes, bp Heracleopolis, & Companions 

1Co 10:12-22; Mt 16:20-24

7 PM Vespers

	July 17/30  

GM Marina of Antioch

1Co 10:28-11:7; Mt 16:24-28

9 AM Liturgy


7 PM Moleben at the cross

	July 18/31 

M Emilian of Silistria in Bulgaria

1Co 11:8-22; Mt 17:10-18