Prayer to Our Lord


O Lord and Master, Jesus Christ, my God, through thine ineffable love
for mankind Thou wast wrapped in flesh, at the end of the ages, from the
EverVirgin Mary. I glorify Thy saving providence and care for me, Thy
servant, O Master. I praise Thee, for through Thee, I have learned to
know the Father. I bless Thee through Whom the Holy Spirit came into the
world. I bow to Thy most pure Mother who served for the dread mystery of
Thine Incarnation. I praise the angelic choir as the servants and
singers of Thy majesty. I bless Saint John the Forerunner who baptized
Thee, O Lord. I honour also the prophets who announced Thee. I glorify
Thy holy apostles. I celebrate the martyrs. I glorify Thy priests. I
venerate Thy saints and praise all Thy righteous ones. This such
countless and unutterable divine choir, I thy servant, in prayer offer
to Thee, O allcompassionate God. Wherefore, I ask the forgiveness of my
sins, which do Thou grant me for the sake of all Thy saints, but
especially for the sake of Thy holy compassion, for blessed art Thou
unto the ages. Amen.

Prayer to the 

Most Holy Theotokos

Accept from us thine unworthy servants, O allpowerfulforgood,
immaculate.  Sovereign Lady, Mother of God, these honourable gifts,
which can be offered only to thee, who art the one chosen out of all
generations, and who hast become higher than all creation, heavenly and
earthly. For through thee the Lord of hosts was with us, and through
thee we came to know the Son of God, and were granted His holy Body and
most pure Blood. Wherefore thou art blessed by all generations, the
Favourite of God, more radiant than the Cherubim, and more honourable
than the Seraphim. And now, O allhymned, most holy Theotokos, cease not
to pray for us thine unworthy servants, to be delivered from every snare
of the subtle one, and from all besetting sins, and preserve us unharmed
from every poisonous temptation of the devil. But by thy prayers
preserve us unto the end uncondemned; for saved by thy help and
protection, we send up glory, praise, thanksgiving and worship for all,
to the One God in Trinity and Creator of all, now and ever, and unto the
ages of ages. Amen.

Prayer to the 

Holy Guardian Angel

Holy Angel of Christ, I fall down and pray to thee, my holy Guardian,
given me from holy Baptism for the protection of my sinful body and
soul. By my laziness and bad habits, I have angered thy most pure light,
and have driven thee away from me by all my shameful deeds, lies,
slander, envy, condemnation, scorn, disobedience, hatred of brother,
grudges, avarice, adultery, anger, meanness, greed, gluttony,
drunkenness, loquacity, negative and evil thoughts, proud ways, having
selfwill in all the desires of the flesh. O my evil will, which even the
dumb animals do not follow! How canst thou look at me or approach me!
With what eyes, O Angel of Christ, wilt thou look at me so badly snared
in vile deeds? How can I ask forgiveness for my bitter, evil and wicked
deeds, into which I fall every day and night, and every hour? But
falling down, I pray to thee, O my holy Guardian: pity me, thy sinful
and unworthy servant (Name). Be my helper and protector against my
wicked enemy, by thy holy prayers, and make me a partaker of the Kingdom
of God with all the Saints, always, now and ever, and unto the ages of
ages. Amen.