In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.

Nicholas and Genevieve, today you wish to be joined in Matrimony.  You
must understand what this means.  

In our day and age people think of falling in love and get married.  But
just because you are in love is not the reason for your marriage,
although is a wonderful thing to love and be loved.  The purpose of your
marriage is for the salvation of your souls.  

Some work out their salvation in one way, some in another.  The estate
of marriage is honorable, but only if it is for the purpose of you truly
helping one another for the salvation of your souls.    Now this doesn-t
sound really romantic, but this is the purpose of your marriage: To work
out your salvation together.  

I have learned through my experiences about my weaknesses and that my
wife helps when I am weak and perhaps in some things that she was weak,
I might have aided her.  God works out these things, so that in every
weakness you might have, you might help one another when you are weak. 
You will also learn something about yourselves in your marriage.  You
will be amazed how selfish you are and you will learn about truly giving
up your will to another person.  

It is a very difficult task and it is not by accident that we sing the
song of Isaiah and about the martyrs during the wedding because marriage
is a kind of martyrdom; a self-imposed martyrdom done with a free and
unconstrained spirit.  But nonetheless it is martyrdom in that you give
up your will to another person.  It is a very difficult thing.  When you
are single, even if you live at home under some authority, it is not the
same as living together and seeing things happen day in day out that you
would rather have go a certain way or go differently, it is a very
difficult thing to give up your will to another person.  

Marriage is honorable and is truly a high calling, a difficult calling,
but God gives us help along the way.  Your love for one another will
help you and nourish you.  You will have difficult times, you will have
times when one or the other of you will be in some difficult spiritual
state and some trial will be upon you - this is when your love will be
really tested.  

The purpose of your marriage is to save your souls together.  No longer
are you apart, as it says in Scriptures, ?Man shall leave mother and
father and cleave unto his wife and the two shall be one flesh.  You
will be one, still two distinct personalities, still responsible for
your actions individually, but for the purpose of living your life, now
there should be two wills that are suffused into one will.  Give up your
will to one another.  

Genevieve, my daughter, you pass from my authority to another-s man-s
authority.  You are no longer under my house.  Remember Nicholas-
authority and to love him with all your heart.  

Nicholas, I entrust my Genevieve to you and your responsibility is to
love her as Christ loved the Church.  Give up your will to her, do not
defer to her (or, maybe not your authority), but give up your will to
her in any thing.  Each of you must give up your will to one another. 
This is a difficult thing to say this because I don-t do a very good job
of this myself, but I do know that the purpose of marriage is to grow
together in Christ


Now if God blesses you with children, you must raise them in the fear
and admonition of the Lord so that they may become truly blessed, this
is also a purpose for your marriage.

May God grant it.  

Even if you did not have any children, the main purpose of your marriage
is to live as a Christians.  To love Christ with all your heart, to help
each other when one is weak and the other is strong, to pray for one
another, to pray with each other, to order your lives- priorities
according to the precepts of the Gospel.  To live a very chaste life
together, accepting God-s gifts, but not abusing them.  May God help you
in this difficult time, but also joyful time.  

Never lose sight of the purpose of your life together is to work out the
salvation of your souls.  Friendship, the marriage bed, companionship,
all these things are good, and important, and blessed by God, but none
of them are of any help whatsoever for the soul unless you are striving
to follow the commandments and you are pursuing them together with every
breath you take.  

May God bless you and help you and teach you the meaning of marriage.