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For every request Matt., Sec.2O, from the middle (Ch.7:711).For the most
holy Theotokos Luke, Sec.4 (Ch.1:3949,56).For the Ailing Matt., Sec.25
(Ch.8:513).For the Angels Luke, Sec.51 (Ch.1O: 1621). Or: Matt., Sec.52
(Ch.13:243O, 36 beginning at the words ?and His disciples,¦ and
continuing through verse 43).For a Prophet Matt., Sec.96 (Ch.23: 2939).
Or: Luke, Sec.62 (Ch.11 :4712:1).For an Apostle Matt, Sec.34 (Ch.9: 36 
1O:8). For several Apostles Luke, Sec.5O (Ch.1O:115). Or: Luke, Sec.51
(Ch.1O:16-21).For one Hierarch John, Sec.36 (Ch.lo:916). For several
Hierarchs Matt., Sec.11 (Ch.5:1419). Or: John, Sec. 35, from the middle
(Ch.1O:19)For Monks and FoolsforChrist Matt., Sec.43 (Ch.11273O). Or:
Luke, Sec.24 (Ch.6:1723 through the word "heaven¦).For a Martyr Luke,
Sec.63 (Ch.12, 212).Or: John,Sec.52 (Ch.15:1716:2).For several Martyrs
Matt., Sec.36(ch.lo:1622).Or: Luke, Sec1O6 (Ch2l: 1219).For a
Hieromartyr Luke, Sec.67 (ch.12:324O).For several HieromartyrsLuke,
Sec.24 (Ch.6:1723 through the word "heaven") Or: Luke, Sec.52
(Ch1O:2224) or: Luke,Sec.77 (Ch.142535).For a Monkmartyr Mark, Sec.37
(Ch8:34 beginning: "The Lord said: Whosoever will come" through 9:1).
For several Monkmartyrs Matt.. Sec.38 (Ch.1O:32  11:1). Or: Luke, Sec.64
(Ch.12:812).For Womenmartyrs Matt., Sec.62 (Ch.15:2128). Or: Mark,
Sec.21 (Ch.5:24 beginning: "At that time: much people followed Jesus..
through verse 34).For Nun Saints Matt., Sec.1O4 (Ch. 25:113) * Or: Luke,
Sec.64 (Ch.7:365O).For Confessors Luke, Sec.64 (Ch.12: 812).For
Unmercenaries Matt., Sec.34 (Ch.9:36  1O:8).For the New Martyrs and
Confessors of Russia Matt., Sec.36 (Ch.1O:1622).