A Prayer of Thanksgiving

By St Basil The Great

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http://www.orthodox.net/trebnic/ of-thanksgiving-by-basil-the-great.html

O Existing One, Master Lord, God, almighty and adorable Father: It is
truly meet and right and befitting the majesty of Thy holiness that we
should praise Thee, hymn Thee, bless Thee, worship Thee, give thanks
unto Thee and glorify Thee, the only truly existing God, and offer unto
Thee with contrite heart and spirit of humility this our rational
worship; for Thou art He that hath graciously bestowed upon us the
knowledge of Thy truth. 

And who is sufficient to speak of Thy mighty acts, to make all Thy
praises to be heard, or to tell of all Thy wonders at every season? 

O Master of all, Lord of heaven and earth, and of all creation both
visible and invisible, Who sittest upon the throne of glory and
beholdest the depths, Who art unoriginate, invisible, immutable, the
Father of our Lord: the great God and Savior Jesus Christ, our Hope, Who
is the Image of Thy goodness, the Seal of equal type, in Himself showing
forth Thee, the Father, the living Word, the true God, the Wisdom before
all ages, the Life, Sanctification, Power, the true Light, through Whom
the Holy Spirit was manifested: the Spirit of truth, the Gift of
adoption, the Pledge of the inheritance to come, the First-fruits of
eternal good things, the life-giving Power, the Fountain of
sanctification, by Whom enabled every rational and intelligent creature
doth serve Thee and ascribe to Thee perpetual praise, for all things are
Thy servants. 

Filled thus with great awe at Thine immeasurable mercies and love, do
Thou receive the unfeigned praise and thanksgiving of our unworthy
hearts for all that Thou hast provided for us in this world and the
next, and enable us to walk before Thee in holiness and purity all the
days of our life in fitting gratitude for Thy loving-kindness to us; 

For blessed art Thou O Holy Father together with Thy Son, our Lord Jesus
Christ to Whom, with Thee and the Holy Spirit, be all honor and glory
and worship, now and every and unto ages of ages.