Priest:    Blessed is our God, always, now and ever, and unto the
ages of ages.

   Glory to Thee, our God, glory to Thee, O Heavenly King, Trisagion,
Our Father- ?  For Thine is the kingdom-  


   Reader:   Amen.   Bless home with Holy Water while singing the below


   Tone 1:    When  Thou , wast baptized in the  Jor dan, O Lord,/ the
worship of the Trinity was made  man ifest; /

   for the   voice  of the Father bare  wit ness to Thee,  /

   calling Thee His be  lov ed Son. /

   And the   Spi rit in the form of a  dove  /

   confirmed the   cer tainty of the word. /

   O   Christ  our God, Who hast ap pear ed //

   and hast enlightened the world, glory   be  to Thee.




   Priest:    Have mercy on us, O God, according to Thy great mercy, we
pray Thee, hearken and have mercy. 


   Ch:   Lord, have mercy. Thrice. 


  Again we pray Thee, O Lord our God, that Thou wouldst hearken unto the
voice of our supplication and prayer, and have mercy on They
servant(s)__ through Thy grace & compassions, and fulfill all his (her)
(their) petitions, and pardon him (her) (them) all transgressions
voluntary and involuntary; let his (her) (their) prayers and alms be
acceptable before the throne of Thy dominion, and protect him (her)
(them) from enemies visible & invisible, from every temptation, harm and
sorrow, and deliver him (her) (them) from ailments, and grant him (her)
(them) health and length of days: let us all say, O Lord, hearken and
have mercy.


   Ch  : Lord, have mercy. Thrice.  


  Look down, O Master, Lover of mankind, with Thy merciful eye, upon Thy
servant(s)__and hearken unto our supplication which is offered with
faith, for Thou Thyself has said: ?All things whatsoever ye shall ask in
prayer, believe that ye shall receive, and it shall be done unto you;
and again: ?Ask and it shall be given you. Therefore we, though we be
unworthy, yet hoping in Thy mercy, ask: Bestow Thy kindness upon Thy
servant(s)__ and fulfill his (her) (their) good desires, preserve him
(her) them) all his (her) (their) days peacefully and calmly in health &
length of days: let us all say, quickly hearken and have mercy.


   Ch  : Lord, have mercy. Thrice. 


   (  if any are ailing)  O Physician of souls and bodies, with
compunction we fall down before Thee, and groaning we cry unto Thee:
heal the sicknesses, heal the passions of the soul & body of Thy
servant(s)__ and pardon him (her) (them) for Thou art kind-hearted, all
transgressions voluntary and involuntary, and quickly raise him (her)
(them) up from his (her) (their) bed of sickness, we pray Thee, hearken
and have mercy.


   Ch  : Lord, have mercy. Thrice. 


   Priest:   For a merciful God art Thou, and the Lover of mankind, and
unto Thee do we send up glory: to the Father, and to the Son, and to the
Holy Spirit, now and ever, and unto the ages of ages. 


   Priest:    Let us pray to the Lord.


   Family:   Lord, have mercy. 


   Priest:    O God our Savior, the true Light, who was baptized in the
Jordan by John to renew all men by the laver of regeneration, and who
didst deign to enter under the roof of Zacchaeus, and brought salvation
unto all his house: do Thou, the same Lord, keep safe also from all harm
those who dwell here__: grant them by Thy blessing purification and
bodily health, and all their petitions which are unto salvation and life
everlasting: for blessed art Thou, with the Father and the Holy Spirit,
always, now and ever and unto ages of ages.


   Family:   Amen.


   Priest:    Glory to Thee, O Christ God, our hope, glory to Thee.


   Family:    Glory to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy
Spirit, both now and ever, and unto the ages of ages. Amen. 


   Lord have mercy.   (Thrice)


  Father, bless.


   Priest or Bishop:   May Christ our true God, who for our salvation
deigned to be baptized by John in the Jordan , through the intercessions
of His most pure Mother; of our holy and God-bearing fathers, and  all
the saint: have mercy on us and save us, for He is good and loveth


   Family:   Amen. 


   Priest:    A Prosperous and peaceful life, health, salvation, and
good success in all things, grant O Lord to Thy servants ___ and
preserve them for many years!


   Family:    God grant you many years.  Thrice. 


   (  if any among the departed are to be commemorated)


  In a blessed falling asleep, grant O Lord, eternal rest unto Thy
departed servant(s)__ and make his (her) (their) memory to be eternal.


   Ch : Memory eternal. (3x)